Best Email Tracker Extension

Get notified when your emails are opened along with real-time updates on all the trackings.


Track the Email Opens Easily

  • View all your tracked emails in one place

  • Get real-time alerts on email opens and link clicks

  • Get email analytics with daily reports

  • No longer need to wait for a confirmation or reply to an email

best email tracker software

Google Proxy Friendly

Find accurate reports of email opens even through the Google proxy server.

google proxy friendly


Get precise reports by validating email addresses using server-friendly technology.

no false opens

No False Opens

With accurate reports and no false email addresses open, you can eliminate guesswork.



The Extension is a complete legal tool for tracking emails that complies with all rules and regulations.

Find out more about Google Proxy Friendly

Invisible Tracker Pixel

Create more tailored content from the data obtained by email tracking pixels.

invisible tracker pixel
measure ab testing

Measure AB Testing

Use tracking pixels in email campaigns to measure the results of A/B tests in order to optimize future campaigns.

fast response

Fast Response

Track recipients' openings with pixel tracking and get lightning-quick responses.



The tracking pixels do not capture sensitive or personal information such as the recipient's exact location or credentials.

Find out more about Invisible Tracker Pixel

Email Open Tracking

Check the status of every email you send, get delivery information, and find the recipient who has read your email and the number of times they have read it.

email open tracking
track email status

Track Email Status

Can track and Display all of the activities for each email, including locations, browsers, and read date and time.

engaging dashboard

Engaging Dashboard

Give your recipients the best user experience possible by tracking which device they use to open their mail and customize the best content for that device.

transparent & secure data

Transparent & Secure Data

See your Gmail if your emails have been opened and links clicked for free. You only need Chrome and Gmail. No fees or sign-up. Start tracking your emails today for free.

Find out more about Email Open Tracking

Real Time Notification

Manage your inbox with this extension that provides instant desktop notifications to users about the exact moment email has been read.

real time notification
real-time messaging

Real-Time Messaging

Get real-time alerts for email opens, and link clicks with the Email Tracker. An email tracker is a free browser extension that lets you know if your website targets an email outreach campaign and who has connected.

analyze & optimize

Analyze & Optimize

Get accurate data for each impression, click, and conversion. With campaign automation rules and alerts, you can save hours of manual work and turn insights into actions.

push notification

Push Notification

Get the most out of your email marketing campaigns with a free Push Notification Email Tracker. The monitoring software opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounces, and more to find out where the action is in your emails.

Find out more about Real Time Notification

Read-receipts Indicators

Know whether or not your message has been opened with green ticks for read emails; a single green tick appears if the recipient has not read.

read-receipts indicators
delivery ticks

Delivery Ticks

Single green tick appears when mail is sent, and a double green tick appears when mail is opened. Get real-time reports on device, date & time to improve your campaigns.

reduction of clicks

Reduction of Clicks

Reduce your clicks by up to 50% and users no longer have to log into multiple portals or waste time searching for the information they need with Analytics the user experience is enhanced when receipts read.

delivery status notification

Delivery Status Notification

Send email notifications to your recipients when you deliver your emails. Your recipient will get notified about the delivery status of your email.

Find out more about Read-receipts Indicators

Link Tracking

View clicked links and how many times each internal link was clicked, allowing users to manage campaigns better.

link tracking
analyze in real-time

Analyze in Real-Time

Gives you detailed information about where your website visitors are clicking link click tracking offers free and premium tracking features for all possible purposes.

email open rates

Email Open Rates

Email tracking is a solution that allows you to see which of your emails have been opened, which links have been clicked and even track click rates.

save and share

Save and Share

Compare and share reports with your coworkers to improve your strategies.

Find out more about Link Tracking


Set automated reminders at your convenient time to follow up on the emails and never lose track of important emails.

open notification

Open Notification

Get the helpful app that provides helpful email notifications to follow up on your tasks correctly when they're due. Set a reminder for something you need to do, and Reminders will send you reminders at the perfect time—just before it's due. You can select as many reminders as you want. Reminders will take care of the rest.

follow up reminders

Follow Up Reminders

Help you follow up with people who don't respond to your emails. Remind them about the messages they might have forgotten about, delete those unimportant ones and organize those important ones for easier access.

reminders for unopened

Reminders for Unopened

Helps you manage your inbox and reminds you to follow up on unopened emails. The tool tracks the status of your email and keeps reminding you to follow up until the email gets opened.

Find out more about Reminders

Daily Reports

Analyze information for links, time, and subjects to plan better outreach strategies. Get detailed reports every day to know the email read and unread count.

daily reports
unread mails

Unread Mails

Analyze a daily report of the emails you haven't read. It will display how many emails you have in your inbox and how long it has been since you last read them.

tracked mails

Tracked Mails

Get a complete report of your emails each day. Our email tracking tool provides you with real-time notifications for every recipient, including when email was opened, links clicked, and more.

total read count

Total Read Count

Generates a detailed report of your emails. Our email tracking tool gives you real-time information for each recipient, including It, which was recorded when emails were opened, which links were clicked, and other information.

Find out more about Daily Reports

Email Activity Timeline

Access Information About the Open, Click, and Response History of Your Tracked Emails.

email activity timeline
live dashboard

Live Dashboard

Recipient's actions are compiled in one convenient dashboard, which gives you a comprehensive picture email open activity.

tracking history

Tracking History

Monitored emails are displayed in a chronological order.

detailed information

Detailed Information

Find out more details about the recipient, read date, location, and browser information.

Find out more about Email Activity Timeline

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Gmail’s read receipt is offering a surprising new way to improve a marketing campaign without having to put in too much effort.

How to enable email tracking

Email tracking is a simple way of gathering information from emails you send. The data can be used to make a valid marketing decision. When you use email tracking system, you can see when a recipient opens your email. Not only that, but you can also determine the time and device that was used. It also tells you whether the recipient opened and clicked on the links and attachments.

What Is Link-Click Tracking for Email?

The report you receive from OpenedOrNot also includes information about your target audience's preferences

How To Generate Daily Reports Using Email Tracking Chrome Extensions

The click rate report will reveal how many people clicked on the links or attachments in your emails. Some emails include connections to your online store or detailed information about the email's content.

How To Track Link-clicks In Your Emails

Daily Reports: As the term indicates, this feature offers you consistent and timely reports so you can keep track of your activities at all times

Is It Illegal To Track Emails

Email tracking refers to monitoring opens and clicks of sent emails. This helps the sender follow up with job applicants, leads, and business partners.

How Can I Track An Email

Opened or Not is an AI powered web app that helps you to find out the last time when a mail was opened in your business.

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