Email Open Tracking

to keep track of opened emails

Get real-time notifications on email opens and how many times recipients have clicked links in your emails.

Email Open Tracking

Get Email Opening Alerts With Email Tracking

Learn about email opening times, locations, and how many times emails are opened, and keep a record of the emails that have been opened.

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track email status

Track Email Status

Track your emails to make the most of your valuable time. Please track when most of your users read your emails and schedule them accordingly to improve your campaigns.

engaging dashboard

Engaging Dashboard

Tailor the most incredible user experience by automatically presenting the most relevant information, knowing which device they're using to open your mail, and personalizing the best content for that device.

transparent & secure data

Transparent & Secure Data

We use the most advanced encryption to keep all of your personal information secure. Your data is encrypted, transmitted, and stored in a password-protected environment.

What is Email Tracking?

Email tracking is a way for an email sender to understand how many recipients opened their emails, clicked links, or took other actions on them. It is a vital part of email marketing. It lets you know the number of people who have opened your email and clicked on links in your message. It also provides insight into how engaged your readers are with your content. Install the free email tracker extension to track unlimited email opens. Learn more about what is email tracking.

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